Casemice LTD

Casemice is a company specialized in physician communication with digital cases. Casemice developing its products for Pharma industry to help them better communicate with HCP's . We understand our customers better because our founders have a total of 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical business insight, sales and marketing fields. Casemice products are being used in 8 countries, 18 specialties, 30 companies, 25 disease areas. Below you can find information about our product portfolio.

Product overview:

A) Casemobile/Docmaze: Case simulations for mobile distant meetings with HCP's and detailing. Doctors feel like they ' re solving a puzzle rather than attending a meeting. Speaker or medical people comments on the results.

B) Casetalk: AI based history taking added on top of our patient simulations which allows educators and companies to better understand doctor management behavior.

C) Casetree: A branched scenario platform for Pharma and educators to create real life like patient experience. Doctors' see the result of their action and if they follow the wrong management approach they see the KOL comments and follow the correct path eventually.

D) Compass: An app for doctors to make guidelines easily applicable. They need to make few selections and get the advice from the experts. They can also find sample cases, literature review and Q&A etc. within the platform.

E) Graphyonline: MR, Xrays, ECG any tests that has images or video can be added to our visual training platform. Doctors try to guess what is the correct diagnosis or correct set of actions. Results turned into meaningful statistics and educational loop can be closed with multimedia or live meeting with a speaker.

F)Casequest: Real time case examination and moderator can ask spontaneous questions to deep dive into the controversial issues.

G) Case sharing platform : Case sharing social media platform

H) Advise App: Creating a referral/advise loops within specific therapeutic areas for doctors.(Available on September 2020)

I) Digital Assistant: Doctor communication platform with AI chatbot. (Available on February 2021)


• TESSAN offers high-tech, plug-and-play tele-consultation solutions integrated in physical cabins and kiosks, embedding software (tele-consultation platform) and hardware technologies (7 connected medical devices) to provide augmented tele-consultations to patients.

• In France, we are operating in a B2B2C model, where pharmacists, towns, retirement houses or malls pay us to get equipped with our solutions (upfront payment or lease option) and offer it to their patients. We provide the patients with an access to a dedicated but independent pool of doctors (GP and specialists) in less than 15 minutes, on a walk-in, on -demand model.

• After 12 months of running operations in France, TESSAN has already provided almost 70 pharmacies with its solutions, generating 1,8 million euros in revenues in 2019 and largely enhancing the access to healthcare for demographically-dynamic urban areas and remote rural areas.


QTGuard uses AI algorithms for on-demand, rapid, heart bio-signal analytics. Held to chest for only 30 seconds, the hand-held device analyzes the QT interval, heart rhythm and heart sounds. The robust system does not require an internet connection, is automatic, autonomous and sterilizable. Can be used at home, clinic, hospital or in the field, in diverse, underserved and remote environments. No operator training required. QTGuard is accurate, fast, convenient and value priced at around 100Euros/device. Ideal for screening patients; In busy practices before introducing QT prolonging drugs; Self monitoring during therapy (at home or hospital); screening of remote populations; QT screening and monitoring during new drug trials. Additional functionality includes a physician dashboard, operator interfaces and secure data transmission.

Appotek AG

Appotek is your virtual clinic - we do for healthcare what iTunes did for music.

We digitise the entire treatment lifecycle, from the first prescription the patient receives on their app, through daily treatment reminders and doctor feedback, to full rehabilitation with call back visits and recovery - always with the patient at the centre.

Appotek is the only treatment platform in the world that can prescribe anything from medicine to meditation, physio exercises, nutrition plans, video instructions, call back meetings, questionnaires, audios and more.
We have online consultations, directly integrated with patients records and bookings.
We disrupt the existing healthcare offerings with our 360 approach and successfully replace doctor’s visits with telehealth, minimizing the need for physical clinics and helping professionals give full attention to those who need it, when they need it.
It’s a system that works as well for someone with cancer as for a sportsman with a knee injury, or a sufferer of a chronic disease or a new parent with a colicky child.

We put patients back in charge of their health with a centralized, blockchain encrypted platform. They see all data from a dashboard and can easily find clinics and navigate between treatments, tasks, e-records, facts, advice, and consultations.

And if they are too old or infirm to manage the system alone, they can give a family member or carer access to support them in their illness and make sure they never fall behind in treatment.

Appotek brings 17% of patients into adherence who would otherwise fall out of treatment - saving time, lives, and money.

Asking patients how they feel and real-time data collection enables our AI to support the patient on the treatment journey and provides invaluable data for professionals. No other system gives instant patient feedback or gives doctors the ability to respond in real-time to a patient's needs and tweak their treatment plans instantly.

It’s not only patients and professionals that benefit: Pharma can track anonymized data – on new or existing medicines, in real-life settings. A unique opportunity to see how patients lifestyle, treatment protocols, and dosages affect outcomes.

Wearables can easily be added on command to gather more data and we are creating a Covid-19 response with the world's first home-kit right now.

AI-driven and blockchain encrypted, the system is fully integrated with existing healthcare systems so it can plug and play into any clinic. All professionals - from hospitals, clinics, care homes, and pharmacies - can access the system, so everyone can work together and communicate around the patient. And if needed, they can jump on an online call or patient consultation to follow up.

It’s one comprehensive platform with full integration to existing national healthcare systems.

And if the patient wants, they can join our programs to guide them how to stay healthy, with daily reminders what to do and when, or how to lower stress levels, eat healthier or get more active.

Appotek is the future. Because you don’t have to be ill to stay healthy.

Valuechain Technology Ltd

Valuechain intelligently connects organisation to create world-class supply chains. By providing a secure digital collaboration platform integrated with B2B matchmaking and risk analysis, we're helping companies to find their ideal partners and open new channels to communicate, collaborate and innovate together to improve supply chain productivity.


Radiobotics use AI to automate the analysis and description of routine medical x-ray images at hospitals. Our first CE-marked product RBknee can detect signs of knee osteoarthritis from x-ray images, it generate image overlays which highlight the findings and it creates a structured report for the patient journal.

Radiobotics solutions will help healthcare professionals to free up time and thereby reducing the need and cost for outsourcing, the solutions will furthermore support evidence-based decision making, lowering the rates of misdiagnosis and ensuring that patients receive faster results and treatment.

Radiobotics develops scientifically and clinically validated algorithms based on deep clinical understanding. Our technology is designed and developed in close collaboration with clinicians to address their needs and requirements from the start.


AcouSort Uses Sound Waves for Blood Separation

AcouSort is an innovative technology company with high focus on products and solutions for automated preparation of biological samples for researchers and life science companies. The core technology is acoustofluidics where a combination of microfluidics and sound waves is used to separate blood into its components, to isolate and purify cells and extracellular vesicles and to perform rapid biochemical reactions.

For providers of analytical and diagnostic instruments, our OEM module, AcouPlasma is easy to integrate and enables fast and reliable access to blood plasma for downstream analysis.

Our benchtop research systems, AcouTrap and AcouWash, are ideal for efficient sample preparation such as cell, bacteria and exosome separation, enrichment, labelling and washing with reproducible results.

AcouSort’s core technology has been researched and developed for over 20 years at Lund University in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, research headed by Professor Thomas Laurell, board member of AcouSort.


InnovationCast, an award-winning Innovation platform (according Forrester and Gartner), supports end-to-end collaborative open innovation in organizations across all business sectors. With our innovation platform you can combine insights, skills and competencies from employees, customers and other external stakeholders, to drive growth and innovation at every level.

Build your innovation system (internal and external communities) with a single platform

  • Challenges and on-going ideation: Engage your network’s collective intellect and crowdsource ideas to solve problems and explore emerging opportunities
  • Ideas: Co-create and develop your ideas faster with multi-perspective thinking
  • Ideas evaluation: Decide and prioritize in which ideas to invest more time and resources
  • Concept development & Validation: Run experiments to validate your ideas and your assumptions
  • Execution: Plan your innovation projects and get business impact
  • Innovation radars: Scan trends, emerging technologies, competitors and stay ahead of your industry

lab77 Gmbh, Basel

generalist serial entrepreneur (trained microbiologist) and a group of software-developers and mathematicians in Serbia. We dream up and build web-apps (prototypes or productive) in short time at reasonable cost. We are a diverse group of specialists, have a broad set of skills and we worked together for many years. Webautomation and -integration is our special hobby. And nothing goes out without great UX.

Ilya Pharma

Ilya Pharma is a clinical stage biopharma, developing novel drug candidates from its propriety ILP-technology platform to clinical proof of concept in relevant patient groups with identified unmet medical needs. Using ILP-technology, human therapeutic proteins endogenously involved in tissue regeneration are continuously delivered on site in wounds by the lactic acid bacteria that act like small local bioreactors. In ILP100-Topical for example the Lactobacillus expresses the human chemokine CXCL12. The Lactobacillus are freeze-dried and revived just prior to topical administration. The Company also has a preclinical project in inflammatory bowel disease with ILP100/01 as an oral formulation.


Apart from providing a simple yet effective solution to detect at early stage neurological disorders (Alzheimer's disease in particular) we also hope to raise public awareness of neurological disorders and promote a culture where it is seen as normal and safe to go for regular brain checkups even if there are no visible symptoms of neurological disorder.

Katana ML

We specialize in Machine Learning for enterprise. Our goal is to provide automation for business processes and rules with Machine Learning solutions. We aim to simplify these solutions with robust Machine Learning pipelines.

SAS Institute GmbH

SAS is a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics solutions[1]. Businesses pursuing digitization and automated processes turn to SAS software to optimize their strategic decision-making through data-driven insights. Companies in 147 countries at 83,000 locations use SAS solutions. Among them are 92 of the top 100 enterprises on the Fortune 500 list including brands like Allianz, Volvo, Fraport, and Nestlé.

SAS maintains its headquarters in Cary, North Carolina (USA). The company’s 14,000 global employees generate annual revenues of US $3.3 billion. DACH regional headquarters are located in Heidelberg, Germany, with an additional five offices located throughout the country. The Swiss and Austrian offices were established in Wallisellen (near Zurich) and Vienna. Customers in German-speaking countries include ERGO, Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank AG, DER Touristik, Fraport, HUK Coburg, Migros, dm-drogerie markt, and ERSTE Bank.
Founded in 1976, SAS possesses the most experience in the industry in the fields of advanced and predictive analytics, machine learning, the cloud, and IoT analytics. The capabilities of SAS include handling the entire value chain from data management and forecasting to process optimization. The company now offers a comprehensive and modular portfolio of software and services that operate either as managed services in the cloud or on-premise solutions, depending on requirements. SAS also provides AI and analytics as a service (Results as a Service).
Analysts, such as Gartner, consistently rank SAS as a leader, for instance in the Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms. With SAS Viya, SAS is the only vendor to provide an analytics platform so open that customers can use all their analytic models in parallel. Regardless of whether those models have been developed using in-house, proprietary, or open source programming languages.
AI — machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, and natural language processing — is a core component of solutions from SAS used across all fields of application. The Internet of Things (IoT), for instance, sees direct benefits from AI-based SAS Event Stream Processing. This technology makes it possible to analyze IoT data right inside the data stream during transmission.
Analytics software for customer intelligence from SAS helps businesses make relevant next-best action decisions in real time and improve customer interactions. Risk management solutions from SAS allow companies to comply with government regulations without compromising business operations. The private and public sector deploy SAS fraud detection products to uncover suspicious transactions quickly and respond with appropriate measures.

GenLots SA

GenLots SA has been established in Switzerland in 2017. It has its offices in EPFL Innovation Park and counts 8 employees to this day. GenLots raised funds from German, US and Swiss VCs and is in a growth phase.

GenLots is the first machine learning company fully dedicated to solve order planning. It consists in answering the question: “When do I need to order how much raw material?”.

In industrial companies thousands of materials, parts or components have to be ordered each week. Purchasing ranges from 25% (in Pharma) to 75% (in Chemicals) of their total expenditures.

Answering this question right, has huge impacts on costs because there are many trade-offs involved. Traditional methods used by large industrial corporations (Economiq Order Quantity, consultants, ERP modules) aim at doing lot sizing, and re-ordering it according to some criteria. It leaves a performance gap with respect to the optimal order plan, and this gap was never addressed in the absence of a proper benchmark.

GenLots started developing a dedicated technology, built with machine learning, at Polytechnic School of Zürich. It proved to be a practical and academical success. The solution has been tested with several industrial companies and enables savings between 3 and 10% yearly, or millions for just one manufacturing site.

This is really a game-changer as we can not only solve this basic problem, but even throw other, thorny problems at it such as “what happens if your inventory goes bad after 3 months?”

GenLots brings further benefits: transparency of all purchasing information, which is centralized on one page for each material ; control over the ordering process, with a set of alerts for scrap, stockouts; ease of use and visualisation possibilities.
It is a planner companion, which delivers operational intelligence materially impacting the bottom-line.

The product is simple to use and packaged as SaaS. The activation is rapid and frictionless, requires no histrorical data, and involves optional proof of savings analysis and trial.

Going forward GenLots is building on this innovation to connect it to more impactful supply chain issues, such as dynamic definition of supply chain parameters, such as safety stock, in function of their impact on the Total Cost , or multi-sites inventory optimization.


Pepal believes that we will only find long term solutions to some of the most pressing and challenging issues in the Global South if the public, private, and charity sectors work together towards a common purpose. Pepal was created in 2009 to do this by bringing together global corporations, NGOs and governments to find practical solutions to big social issues. Our innovative programmes create immediate and scalable solutions, and develop leaders who are capable of driving change, both in our programmes, and throughout their future global careers.

Our programmes are built around 3 key pillars:

CONNECT: We connect global corporations, NGOs and governments. We work to understand each partner, identify relevant social issues and develop ways they can work together to achieve mutual benefit.

DEVELOP LEADERS: We develop leaders capable of driving change. We design and deliver transformational executive leadership and innovation programmes. During an immersion in the Global South, leaders from global corporations, NGOs and governments come together to develop their leadership skills in an unfamiliar context and create innovations which achieve social impact.

INNOVATE: We support the piloting of innovative social impact ideas co-created during Pepal leadership and innovation programmes. We transform these innovations into practical solutions which have potential for scale and can improve the lives of the most vulnerable people in the world.

We believe that our approach, which places cross sectorial collaboration and leadership at its heart, is ever more important in driving scalable, innovative and cost-effective solutions to complex issues at the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As the global business community moves from ‘corporate social responsibility’ as an obligation to ‘business as a force for good’ as a key part of their offering, Pepal is uniquely positioned to provide a purpose driven solution to facilitate this shift. Our immersive leadership training is designed to develop the mindsets and behaviours leaders need for the 21st century: agility; emotional intelligence; authenticity and the ability to collaborate and innovate to co-create solutions that ignite purpose and motivation.

We want to create agents of change across global corporations, NGOs and governments - who can make business as a force for good a reality.

Board of Innovation

Board of Innovation is a strategy and business design firm with offices in New York, Amsterdam, Antwerp, and Singapore. We work with Roche and diverse Fortune 500 organizations to uncover new opportunities for growth by developing growth strategies, innovation capabilities, and new business. Within the pharma & diagnostics industry, we specialize in solution acceleration, market access & health ecosystems.

Our lifetime mission is to inspire 100 million people to innovate for a better tomorrow. That’s why we open source most of our knowledge and tools on our website:

Board of Innovation is partner of Roche for the Brain Catalyst Hackathon and for the Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program

Prisys Biotechnologies Co., Ltd.

Prisys is a Shanghai-based nonhuman primate (NHP) pharmacology CRO, pioneered NHP model, service, and solution provider. We provide pharmacology studies for new medicines in nonclinical or preclinical phase, with human translatable endpoints, covering the following key disease areas:

• Inflammatory
• Autoimmune
• Cardiovascular
• Cerebrovascular
• Hematology
• Kidney
• Liver
• Lung
• Ophthalmology
• Pain

Prisys established the unique NHP pharmacology platform by successful integration of its proprietary NHP disease modeling expertise and rich pharmacology experience with well-organized local monkey resources in China, and top-equipped clinical hospitals, enabling global pharmaceuticals to access monkey studies in the way of both environmental friendly and cost effectiveness. Overall, this operation is resulting in enhanced experimental animal care and specialized welfare criteria for the monkeys, and also significantly cut down the cost, time and hurdles required for NHP studies. We called, for short, the “Prisys Eco-effective Operation Model”.

Driven by the latest science and technology advancement in combination with the unmet needs of the human target specific therapeutic strategies, Prisys will continually bring up more innovations in NHP disease modeling and technologies to empower the advancement of new therapeutics for more efficient and predictable success in the clinic. We welcome flexible, broad and dedicated collaborations worldwide for quick establishment and/or co-development of disease models, technologies and exploratory studies targeting at the specific interests in translatable NHP pharmacology to the human applications.

For more information please visit Website:, or contact at


uMed is a technology-enabled research network that can provide rapid, low cost support to the NHS. The current pandemic has put a global emphasis on the importance of clinical research and truly highlighted the need for our technology. The capability to rapidly target patients groups and remotely capture data is key to the execution of research and education programmes, specifically in relation to Covid-19. uMed uses electronic health records to automate the targeted engagement of patients through our unique two-way communication between GP practices and patients. This can be used to centrally engage patients across the UK to deliver research and education programmes.

GP practices are under pressure to deliver clinical services with significant levels of staff sickness and are being asked to participate in multiple research and targeted education programmes. uMed addresses this issue through the automation of these programmes by using EHR data to target specific patient groups and then engage them on behalf of their recognised healthcare provider. uMed are able to support multiple research studies simultaneously by allowing participating GPs to provide targeted educational content to patient groups based on information in their electronic health record at zero cost. This would otherwise require a significant burden of work for individual GP practices to conduct searches to fund high risk patients (such as those with specific diagnoses or on certain medication) and engage them. uMed automates this process allowing GPs to focus on clinical care. In addition, uMed can apply our technology to deliver targeted education programmes to high risk patients with the ability to monitor a range of initiatives such as symptoms, social support network and mental health. Based on these responses patients are automatically re-engaged with relevant information and signposting to specific services such as shielding advice, signposting to mental health resources or local community / NHS services.


IPDx developed the tool that will unlock the immune system, similar to how next generation sequencing unlocked genomics. It's a high throughput method to map the billions of antibodies to their antigens and identify immune signatures. Our target markets are immunology, oncology and infectious diseases.

Sequentia Biotech

Sequentia Biotech is a bioinformatics company that transforms omics data into knowledge. We offer bioinformatics SaaS, tailored softwares and custom bioinformatics solutions for several fields, including health and pharma. Our solutions are user-friendly, flexible, cost-efficient and scalable for genomics, microbiomics, transcriptomics and epigenomics.

Based in Barcelona, with customers in more than 65 countries, we have completed over 300 bioinformatics projects in all omics fields and count with more than 1.200 SaaS users. We have been multi-awarded with european competitive grants and published over 60 papers in high impact factor journals.


We want to live longer and better. Yet, the ROI to develop a new drug have been declining for the last decades since the low hanging fruit has already been collected. Hence, pharmaceutical R+D is in jeopardy unless new technological breakthroughs are employed.

At Pharmacelera, we advocate for a lean drug discovery model, in which more resources are invested in the early stages of drug discovery, that are agile and cheap, and where computers are used to model biology and chemistry. This permits more and better predict+test+learn cycles, failing fast if necessary and feeding subsequent clinical stages, that are very expensive and where most projects fail today, with molecules with higher chances to become a drug.

We have developed PharmScreen, a unique patented computational platform that mines an unexploited chemical space based on 3 technology pillars: (1) 3D Quantum-Mechanics (QM) algorithms that model the interactions between ligands and proteins with high accuracy, (2) Machine Learning (ML) to simultaneously predict key molecular properties and (3) High-Performance Computing (HPC) to explore a huge and richer chemical space. The platform finds small molecules that are 3 times better than those identified with other methodologies.

Pharmacelera sells usage licenses of its technology to R+D departments of pharmaceutical companies, small biotech organizations, Contract Research Organizations (CRO) and non-profit research institutions such as academia and foundations.

Our technology and business model have been validated by (1) a growing market with strong needs for new deep tech (19% CAGR), (2) by users and customers of our platform in Europe and the United States, including 2 top 10 pharmaceutical companies, (3) by peer-reviewed publications, 2 of them co-signed with GSK, and (4) as a results-oriented company, by numerous comparative studies against current methodologies.

Pharmacelera is composed by a multi-disciplinary team with broad experience on management from IESE Business School and Intel, HPC and ML expertise from Intel, computational chemistry and QM expertise from the University of Barcelona (our CSO has an h-index of 71) and experience in business development and marketing from Kern Pharma and Perkin Elmer. The team is supported by a strong Advisory Board with experience in drug discovery, business development and funding, and business angels from the pharmaceutical industry.

Biopôle SA

Biopôle Lausanne is an innovation-oriented life sciences campus hosting a vibrant community of industry players and research institutes, based in Lausanne at the heart of the "Health Valley", Switzerland's largest life sciences cluster. Biopôle Lausanne provides 134,000 sqm/1,442,000 sqft of laboratory and office space, added value services, a life sciences incubator StartLab, a hub dedicated to Digital Health, living space and community engagement where members can thrive and bring science to life. We host 90+ companies & organisations, including multinationals, innovative start-ups & SMEs (Abionic, ADC Therapeutics, Cellestia Biotech, Distalmotion, Ichnos, Nestlé Health Science, Unilabs , just to name a few) together with technology & service providers. It also hosts 25 world-famous research groups from the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV), University of Lausanne (UNIL) and the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research. Founded in 2004 by the canton of Vaud, Biopôle SA is a privately held not-for-profit company that is responsible for the management and promotion of the campus. More information at


Delox invented and developed dryVHP, a solid formulation of hydrogen peroxide (i.e., oxygenated water, H2O2) which enables the development of a new generation of automatic bio-decontamination devices. Delox devices are compact, portable, robust, energy-efficient, and effective. Delox technology applies to a wide range of sectors, particularly to healthcare facilities such as compounding & hospital pharmacies, hospitals, Pharma, Biodefense, and Space 4.0. Ultimately, Delox has a vision of encompassing market needs for clean and safe environments to anyone having a right to a life in good health. Bio-decontamination urgently needs a technological revolution bringing bio-decontamination to prevalent and affordable levels. The recent COVID-19 pandemic caused a major shortage of Personal Protective Equipment, such as respirators, for healthcare personnel. As a solution, Delox develops a scaled-down system to bio-decontaminate equipment, enabling its safe reuse.


Analytics tool to manage, predict and improve the cure and treatment of cancer diagnosed patients. Management tool . Predictive model . E-Health Record.


Holmusk is a data science and health technology company dedicated to establishing objective evidence as a core utility to the treatment of mental health and chronic diseases. Founded in 2015, Holmusk is headquartered in Singapore with offices in North Carolina, New York City, London, Malaysia and Shanghai. Holmusk was recognized as a Technology Pioneer in 2019 by the World Economic Forum and is part of the Innovations in Healthcare’s 2020 Innovator Cohort. Holmusk's vision is to build the world's largest Real-World Evidence (RWE) platform and enable a leapfrog-change in research and the provision of care through machine learning, deep learning and digital tools. Holmusk’s proprietary technology is harnessed to analyze real-world data and drive data-driven medicine.

The Stem

The Stem's unique, networked consulting model delivers the expertise of the most seasoned independent consultants at the intersection of customer engagement and digital transformation, with agility and reliability that keeps you ahead of the curve.

We curate seasoned consulting teams from our network of over 150+ independent consultants to help our clients tackle their toughest customer engagement challenges.

We offer expertise and services in 6 areas.
- Customer engagement insight
- Customer engagement strategy
- Digital transformation & excellence
- Execution management
- Performance impact measurement

Areas of focus include:
- Patient engagement
- HCP engagement
- Digital Health
- e-Medical affairs
- e-Market access
- Customer experience

We have experience across therapy areas but have particular depth in rare disease, oncology and specialty markets.

Check us out at
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LeggUP Inc.

LeggUP provides personalized Professional Development for employers as an employee benefit.

We empower your people, develop leaders, and build high performing teams through one-on-one career coaching. With a global network of experienced professional coaches in every industry, LeggUP has the tools and technology to provide personalized employee experiences and growth plans tailored to the organizational goals.
We are a highly consultative group that creates an engaged workforce for our clients—one that is intrinsically motivated, where employees are guided, improved, and encouraged though a transformational culture. Motivated by more than just a paycheck, employees who receive support and coaching though LeggUP take what they’ve learned and pass it on to those around them. That creates a transformational culture, and that’s our strategic approach for you.


FeetMe is a digital health company developing innovative connected technologies and services to improve patient outcomes in functional care, track disease evolution, and optimize medication utilization.

The innovative technology from FeetMe allows gait and posture analysis in real-time and real-life conditions. The technology combines pressure sensors, motion sensors and learning algorithms to analyse patients’ functional capacity, as well as empower rehabilitation among sufferers of gait disorders.

AHT is a boutique consulting company focused on knowledge management and innovation. We believe in continuously challenging the perspective on how things are done. We believe everybody can outperform his or her status quo.
The way we do this is to bring new methods and techniques to our clients and walk with them for some time. This changes how one sees the world, enhances thinking and the way how to deal with knowledge and innovation.

The result is the success of our clients. We love clients who have humor and continuously question what has been done up-to-now.

We partner with Swiss Knowledge Management Forum ( to stay up-to-date with the latest developments on the innovation and knowledge management front.



Kinetica is a GPU-accelerated data platform that unites historical analytics and streaming analytics, location intelligence, graph analytics, and machine learning to tackle massive scale data challenges. By leveraging the power of the Kinetica platform, companies can accelerate their digital transformation, capitalize on the new opportunities, and gain a significant competitive advantage in the years to come.
Success depends on recognizing data as the most valuable corporate asset. From smart cities to autonomous vehicles, logistics to retail, finance to healthcare, organizations that build smart, analytical applications to make data-driven decisions instantly shape markets, threaten incumbents, and drive new business models centered around data. The Kinetica Active Analytics platform dramatically simplifies the architecture to deliver essential smart analytical applications at massive scale. Enterprises use the cloud-ready platform to build smart analytical applications that assess and act on data instantaneously.

Kinetica Active Analytics
Kinetica brings together all key elements of active analytics in a unified platform: historical data analytics, streaming data analytics, location intelligence, graph analytics and artificial intelligence. The Kinetica Active Analytics Platform is cloud-ready, and dramatically simplifies the typical architecture for smart applications, with unmatched performance.

GPU-Accelerated Database
At its core is a distributed, in-memory GPU-accelerated database that utilizes the full processing power of CPUs and GPUs to analyze massive, complex datasets with millisecond response times.

Streaming Analytics
The Kinetica Platform can analyze complex, multidimensional streaming and batch data interactively. Organizations can combine real-time data pipelines and historical data to generate better informed insights. Constantly assess and query data in real-time and action other systems based on results.

Location Intelligence
Leveraging the power of GPUs, Kinetica is especially well-suited to location intelligence, bringing your geospatial and business data together under one roof. The platform is designed from the ground up to deliver interactive geospatial analysis at unprecedented scale, blending your streaming and historical location-enabled business data on-demand.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
With a “Bring Your Own Algorithm” approach, organizations can embed machine learning and advanced algorithms into their active analytical applications without the headache of complex data engineering, migrating data between disparate systems.

The platform’s cloud-ready architecture delivers high availability, push button deployments, cloud elasticity, and auto scaling across public and private cloud infrastructure.

Smart Applications
With Kinetica, developers have all of the tools they can leverage in a single platform to meet all of their project requirements.

Healthcare specific use cases:
Medical IoT, Genome analysis, genome sequencing, GWAS, patient 360, patient experience, digital biomarkers, real world evidence, RWE, medical trials, clinical trials, clinical operations excellence, precision medicine, real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and many more data challenges

For more information please visit


Legartis' AI-based Contract Intelligence Solution makes legal document analysis efficient by helping professionals to identify, classify and understand contracts within seconds. Trained by legal experts and using the latest Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, Legartis' multilingual AI solution is one of the most advanced for companies dealing with large amounts of legal documents. Legartis has a team of more than 25 people with business, legal and tech backgrounds and has offices in both Zürich and Lisbon.

For more information, please visit

Sciony Ltd.

Sciony is the world’s first fully integrated digital marketplace facilitating global, responsible innovation essential to the world in 2020, more than ever. Our digital platform brings together leading-edge inventors, ethical investors and service partners to work collaboratively simply and effectively using bespoke tools that capture the most salient information and present it ways that save potential investors time and resources. Our simple, confidential systems and procedures allow inventors to present their ideas and expertise appropriately to attract the right funding enabling successful partnerships and faster utilization. Sciony aims to have more than 22,000 inventors and 7,000 investors using its marketplace by the end of 2021.


CSEM’s mission is to develop and transfer world-class micro and digital technologies to the industrial sector—Switzerland being our priority—in order to reinforce the sector’s competitive advantage.

We do this by:
• Making cooperation agreements with established companies
• Encouraging the creation of start-ups.

We achieve our mission by managing and fostering innovation to convert groundbreaking basic research into technologies, leading to innovative products and helping industry and society prepare for the future. The commitment and vision of our talented engineers and scientists enable disruptive innovations along three focus areas
• Digitalisation – addressing the transformation of our society and industries by digital technologies.
• Precision manufacturing – enabling to maintain Switzerland as champion of quality and precision manufacturing.
• Sustainable energy – providing solutions for next generation photovoltaics and smart energy management.

MG Nutricion 3G

Working on the development new services for improving human health through personalized nutrition and physical activity recommendations.

With a special focus on breast cancer survivors; we aim to improve their quality of life through highly personalized nutritional and physical activity recommendations. Because we are all different and have different requirements.

How to Change the World

Winner of the EUvsVirus Hackathon: Link to their pitch description

How to Change the World

Virtualising our established in-person experiential Learning Journey for students and professionals with the aim of empowering sustainability-focused entre/intrapreneurship during this crisis.

How to Change the World

is an experiential education program that empowers people, organisations and communities to collaboratively tackle our world’s most important challenges...
and achieve lasting impact!

At How to Change the World we believe our societies already have most of the technical, economic and social know-how needed to tackle the daunting challenges humanity faces today. Yet it seems we rarely bring all that knowledge and talent together in one place to collaboratively develop the solutions our societies urgently need.

That’s why we design and deliver education programs that guide individuals, organisations and communities through collaborative learning journeys — journeys that enable everyone involved to distil complex challenges into implementable ideas for positive change. Our goal is to help you transform seemingly hopeless complexity into concrete solutions that make a difference!


Brain+ is a digital therapeutics solutions provider focusing on neurodegenerative diseases. Our history started as developers of science–driven neurogames that adapt to fit individual needs and the state of cognitive functions. We provide these tools to health professionals working with people with acquired brain injury (trauma and stroke) and people with mild cognitive impairment who are under therapist care. We also provide the tools to private individuals wanting to assess and train their cognitive capabilities to perform highly at their jobs, better manage stress, and develop good habits for brain health.

Brain+ is also now partnering with universities and researchers to develop evidence based tools to detect and prevent dementia, specifically Alzheimer's disease. The tools aim to detect the onset of the disease at a stage when it is difficult to detect with current methods and to offer an intervention aimed at slowing the progression or onset of more severe disease complications. We are running trials with the partners to validate the methods and the technology, with the aim to be a fully regulated medical device that would be reimbursed by healthcare systems and private payers. We envision that these tools can be used to identify patients early in AD onset for recruitment into clinical trials, for intervention and care by therapists and caregivers, and for individual use by patients.

Innovation Horizons

The purpose of Innovation Horizons is to enable human-centered and sustainable innovations, by supporting decision makers in navigating the complexity inherent in innovation processes.

A private innovation management consulting firm, it provides tailored project management support for open-innovation and disruptive projects.

Example of project underway: DayOne health hack, a patient-centric hackathon putting patient networks in the center of a a broad ecosystem including non-profits, research university hospital, as well as world-class user experience, insurance, pharma and tech companies .

MaxWell Biosystems

MaxWell Biosystems provides advanced high-resolution electrophysiology platforms to facilitate detailed investigation of excitable cells in vitro. MaxOne and MaxTwo allow stimulation and recording of every active cell on a dish at unprecedented spatio-temporal resolution. Every cell has a story to tell. MaxWell Biosystems aims to equip everyone with tools to easily access, track, and discover cells’ functionality and maturity.

SDS Optic Inc.

SDS Optic is cutting-edge Health Tech company specializing in connecting vast molecular biology with novel photonics technologies to create solutions that can revolutionize healthcare worldwide, incl. first ever In Vivo Immunoassays platform technology inPROBE for a cancer biomarkers real-time diagnosis.

We discover, develop and commercialize disruptive diagnostics and monitoring tools on a global scale and create lifesaving innovations which can help medical professionals in real-time diagnosis as well as monitoring and increase Patients’ well-being.

LenioBio GmbH

LenioBio is disrupting the way proteins are made with our proprietary cell-free protein production platform, ALiCE®. ALiCE® is fast, versatile, mobile, and rapidly scalable – an ideal PPP: a pandemic preparedness platform – and attributable to a broad range of other applications.

LenioBio holds an exclusive license from Dow/DuPont to develop and market the platform. Our ALiCE® expression kit and protein services generate revenues and open doors for strategic partnerships. LenioBio focuses now on scaling the technology to industrial scale. We received Seed funding and a Horizon 2020 grant in 2019.


CI&T is a digital native company providing strategy, design, and technology services to global clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Astellas, Life Scan, Coca-Cola, Nestlè, among many others. We are a team of 3,000 people, distributed across the globe, and passionate to solve our clients' most daunting challenges. We help our clients to solve their business challenges - in end-to-end engagements - from discovering to creating digital products, all with our proprietary methodology (CI&T Way); in short, 90 days cycles (lean, agile) to generate fast significant business impact (revenue, margins, new opportunities). We go beyond the ideation and design of digital products/services, we identify the real problems and opportunities, and co-create and implement solutions collaboratively with our clients. We are not an outsourcing company or management service firm. Different from our competitors, we help transform companies we work for so that they can learn and later do by themselves.

Highp (Made by Connectmedica)

We are revolutionizing personalized digital engagements and interaction with HCPs/Patients and Life-science stakeholders.

You will deliver a great customer experience with no-hassle of app installation by the customer. Super fast.

Highp is a principal product made by Connectmedica*, with groundbreaking Push Video Communication services.

* Connectmedica is a fast-growing global pharma marketing consultancy. We focus on successful HCP digital activation, continues engagement, and beyond the email experience

React4life s.r.l.

React4life is an Italian biotech that has developed Multi In Vitro Organ (MIVO), an innovative fluidic bioreactor emulating portions of the human body, to improve the effectiveness of pharmaceutical tests, discover innovative therapeutic approaches, and reduce animal testing. MIVO allows to host and cultivate 3D human tissues under fluid dynamic conditions resembling the real human environment. In this way, it is possible to resemble cell migration and flow (for the study of tumor metastasis onset and the immune-therapies testing) and the diffusion of molecules (for drug testing and ADME assays). Beyond that, the React4life portfolio currently includes two in vitro 3D tumor models (i.e. breast cancer model, neuroblastoma model), whose validation is completed with international scientific papers.

The business model is: sale of (i) MIVO for research use and (ii) the kit composed of MIVO and artificial tissues as a model of disease for in vitro testing; service activities provided to customers.

European Innovation Council

European Innovation Council (EIC) is a Partner of the Innovation Summit 2020

We aim to support top-class innovators, start-ups, small companies and researchers with bright ideas that are radically different from existing products, services or business models, are highly risky and have the potential to scale up internationally. Link to website.

Jean David Malo, Director of the European Innovation Council, will participate in the opening panel together with the Vice-Chairman of Roche, Andre Hoffmann, and other high-level speakers. The event will include inspirational talks, a virtual marketplace with 100+ startups, live pitching sessions & a hackathon to solve health business challenges in co-creation with patients & external experts from the innovation ecosystem.

Link to communication


Virtuleap's Enhance VR brain training app offers a daily cognitive workout of short, intense and fun games designed to help increase attention levels, as well as address cognitive illnesses, disorders, and learning challenges. We have developed an accompanying data dashboard that allows caregivers, educators, and organizations to monitor and manage the cognitive performance of their users. Our long-term vision is to create a new digital health marker for the early detection of cognitive diseases such as dementia by mining the big data of gameplay patterns over time.


Eversens is a company specialized in the design, development, and manufacturing of non-invasive clinical diagnosis systems through the detection of exhaled biomarkers.We have presented our first product, called evernoa BASE, at the 2019 MEDICA Fair. It is a point-of-care, portable, FeNO device (FeNO is a biomarker of asthma control) that facilitates the diagnosis and monitoring of asthma. This device is the precursor of the innovative evernoa SYSTEM, a complete HW and SW solution. evernoa SYSTEM includes a complete range of devices to diagnose asthma in specialized units, to monitor the illness in primary care services, and to permit home care managing at pharmacies or patients themselves.

Asthma is a global health problem. It affects now more than 30 million people in the EU and 339 million worldwide (expected to rise up to 400 m by 2025).
Asthma can have a very negative impact on the quality of life of those people who suffer from it and a very high cost to national health systems.
Mean cost per patient per year: €1,670 ($3,100 in the USA). The average total cost per patient ranged from €509 (controlled asthma) to €2,281 (uncontrolled disease)
Asthma is the most common chronic disease in children (affects 14% child population) and the number one cause of children’s emergency hospital visits and admissions (EAACI).
Estimated productivity loss due to patients’ poor control of their asthma (EAACI): €9.8 billion per year.

Prevention plays a pivotal role in asthma. It is important to highlight that the first stages of the disease may be asymptomatic leading to a chronic inflammation without detection.
There is no cure, therefore the primary goal is to manage rather than cure the condition. This includes maintaining control of the disease and preventing any worsening and asthma attacks.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and according to the WHO, asthma is a disease that makes the effects of Covid-19 more serious, classifying asthmatics into high-risk groups. Health authorities recommend that, especially now, asthmatic patients have the disease well controlled.

The lack of precise tools and a holistic approach for asthma diagnosis and control results in severe problems for patients and health systems.
- Patient problems: 1) Misdiagnosis: 52% of people with asthma had not been diagnosed; 2) Low treatment adherence; 3) Sudden severe crisis of breathing.
- Healthcare Systems' Problems: 1) Lack of objective information; 2) Lack of disease course truthful information; 3) Lack of an approach to answer the problem of asthma burden.

evernoa is a complete system to help professionals to get an accurate diagnosis of asthma, and doctors and patients an easy and low-cost monitoring of the illness. It includes four portable devices to measure exhaled biomarkers and a software e-platform that connects them.

evernoa devices are based on the following scientific principles:
eNO (Exhaled Nitric Oxide): is an important biomarker related with the existence of respiratory diseases like Asthma.
When this eNO measure is taken at a unique fixed flow of 50 ml/s it is called FeNO.
FeNO is a biomarker of the existence of upper airway inflammation.
eNO measurements, at different flow rates, add the possibility of identifying where the inflammation is located in the complete respiratory system (upper airways and lungs).
Clinical recommended accuracy for asthma diagnosis is 1 ppb (part per billion).
eCO (Exhaled Carbon Monoxide) is an important biomarker related with smoking habits

The evernoa solution consists of two phases: 1) evernoa BASE device for FeNO standard measurement, currently CE marked and available on the market, 2) complete evernoa SYSTEM solution that increases the capabilities and value proposition of the initial solution.

evernoa BASE is a fast, precise, portable, non-invasive, point-of-care device for the measurement of FeNO, which allows the diagnosis and monitoring of asthma by providing objective information on airway inflammation.

evernoa BASE is the precursor of evernoa SYSTEM, which consists of a complete range of devices accompanied by a cloud software platform that allows the data sent from the devices to be collected and processed together with other data of interest, obtaining information of high added value in diagnosis and management of the patient.

The four additional elements of evernoa SYSTEM are the following ones:
1.- evernoa PRO is the portable device with the highest accuracy possible on the market, 1 ppb. Designed to be used in asthma specialised centres by specialized doctors (pneumologists and/or allergists) for asthma diagnosis and monitoring. It is especially interesting with severe and multipathological asthma patients. evernoa PRO identifies the inflamed area thanks to its multi-flow measurement performance and also measures eCO levels in parallel with eNO to correct the introduced distortion in eNO caused by smoker patients, who make up 20% of all asthmatic patients.

2.- evernoa PLUS has exactly the same innovative characteristics and external appearance as evernoa PRO, except it lacks the multi-flow performance. PLUS fits with primary care needs, because it allows to accurately diagnose in early stages and to monitor the evolution of all asthma patients, including smokers.

3.- evernoa HOME is a miniaturized, low-cost FeNO version of evernoa which allows a model of approaching the Asthmatic Patient as a Chronic Patient in a continuous and personalized way.
evernoa HOME, linked to his own app installed on a tablet or smartphone for a daily use, will track patient symptoms, triggers and medication plan.

4.- evernoa AMS is a software platform to capture, process and show in a clear and visual way high-interest information to establish personalized attention, individualized treatment plans and follow-up of the disease according to the state of the Asthmatic Patient. It is a clear step towards an e-health tool.

Eversens, by developing evernoa SYSTEM, wants to provide the best possible tool for each and all agents involved in asthma management.

Finbiosoft Oy

Over a decade working with laboratories and diagnostic companies worldwide, we’ve noticed that they can potentially reach much higher quality. Though most companies invest in quality, their quality task are inefficient and inaccurate due to the use of improper tools and processes. These tasks also focus heavily on documentation rather than improvement.

We believe that high quality is the key to competitive advantages for modern laboratories and diagnostic companies. For that reason, laboratories must be able to accomplish their quality tasks as efficiently and accurately as possible. In the end, these tasks shouldn’t be seen as a bureaucratic burden but powerful aid for companies to improve, demonstrate competence, and ensure patient safety.

Today Finbiosoft provides the world’s first suite of software services empowering companies to efficiently and accurately evaluate their quality. We are currently already collaborating with Roche Germany with most of our products, but we are now seeking a closer collaboration with Roche global, empowering Roche to gain competitive edge over their competitors.

1. Our first product on the market, Validation Manager software service (, was introduced a few years ago and we currently have tens of lab sites (e.g. SYNLAB, NHS South West London, HUSLAB, Labor Stein) around Europe conducting their verifications, validations and day-to-day quality work with this software service. We have shown with our current diagnostic company partners (e.g. Siemens Healthineers, bioMerieux, Abbott), that the customer verifications of their instrumentation can be made significantly faster, leading to faster start of reagent sales after instrument installations. We have recently also started discussions with Roche Germany about a possibility to include Validation Manager in all future automation laboratory tenders in Germany.


- Faster verification projects of laboratory instruments and assays with less hands-on time (Saving 95% of current data analysis and reporting time.)
- Faster turnover of assays for IVDs and less staff resources (application specialists) required (Reported 6x faster verifications.)
- Correct conclusions about quality (Up-to-date protocols, state-of-the-art statistics and accurate reporting leads to correct conclusions about laboratory quality.)
- Fully compatible with Roche analysis platforms and instruments

2. In the end of 2019, we released our second product, Results Manager software (, which is meant for automating result interpretation of qPCR assays. We are primarily selling it to IVD companies, who can then distribute the product together with their assays. As of now, we have already released signed reference deals with bioMérieux, ELITechGroup, PathoNostics and PathoFinder. We are currently piloting the use of Results Manager with Roche Germany at two German laboratories using Roche Cobas 6800 and LC480 qPCR platforms. Pilot sites have reported much higher customer satisfaction when they are using Results Manager together with Roche products. Our hope would be to integrate Results Manager into the service offering of Roche molecular globally.


- higher customer satisfaction
- better result accuracy
- less hands-on time with Roche PCR analyses in laboratories
- fully compatible with Roche PCR platforms

3. Our third product, currently under development is the EQA Manager (, which targets to revolutionize how external quality assurance and proficiency testing is done. We are working now with 10 development partners (e.g. UKNEQAS, SYNLAB Germany, Labor Stein), with whom we are actively developing the new software service. One of the development partners is UKNEQAS. Our goal is to reach open beta phase before summer 2020.


- No more hands-on work with EQA / proficiency testing
- Getting rid of human errors happening in the workflow
- EQA results can truly be used to boost laboratory quality
- Platform fills with valuable business intelligence on how, with what instruments and with what performance different manufacturers, instrument models, laboratories operate

Create from inside

"True innovation comes when we are really aligned, in the flow."

___ What I do
Helping people to express their true-self, releasing their own fire by:

  • Connecting to the real purposes
  • Unlocking subconscious blockers
  • Releasing the reactive behavior patterns

___ Results for the individuals

  • Know yourself and spend more energy on your fulfillment
  • Become the entrepreneur of your life, not victim
  • Able to quickly go out of reactive mode / Composure / Balance with EFT

___ Results for the groups and employers

  • Less demotivated people; fewer people stuck in the wrong position
  • Motivates the employee by showing the importance of their wellbeing
  • Constructive momentum coming from individual’s hearts

___ Testimonial

  • “It was amazing - very easy to follow, very interactive, a lot of fun, very surprising - I loved it and would encourage everyone to try!”
  • “I liked the meditations, the music, the connection with other people, the thought-provoking questions and the energizing conversations in the room - and, of course, the fabulous coach!”
  • “I just learned a magic tool to reset my brain from my internal beliefs!”

*** Some of my famous statements

"Become the entrepreneur of your life. Business and Private are not separate: it’s all about the mindset."
"Don’t try to convince. Be your best: this inspires others!”
"Invest in your "Emotional intelligence": it creates 60% of more effectiveness." - The Virtual Event Specialists

Your Virtual Event Starts With Us!

Every event needs an effective team working to produce a world class experience. That's why we have veterans with years of hands-on experience that will enable you to provide a virtual conference unlike any other you've experienced before.

Provide us with details about your product or ideal solution so that we can work to produce the ideal conference for you. Write a few lines about your requirement and contact us about any further collaboration. We will leverage our technology to enable your vision to become a reality.

Thumbnail Image

Edward Glanville
Conference Producer

Edward Glanville is a veteran in the conference community. He founded and ran the largest Biomedical IT Conference in Basel to date and has successfully produced countless conferences all over Europe and the US.

Thumbnail Image

Ines Tustain

With 5 Years’ experience working in the consulting industry, Ines has valuable experience working on projects for large corporations such as: Unilever, KPMG and Pandora.

Thumbnail Image

Arjun Pattne

Arjun Pattne has previously worked alongside Fortune 500 companies, with experience in consulting and product development, liaising with clients and developers for product refinement and overseeing factions of product testing.

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Rob Glanville
Technical Solutions

With 6+ years’ experience coding and managing technical team members, Rob has valuables experience in technology, design, and system architecture. is a non profit 501 (c) (3) The non-profit is organized exclusively for charitable, scientific, and educational purposes, more specifically to provide to the cystic fibrosis community education, learning tools, and access concerning scientific genetic testing, healthcare products, and product information. Currently, we are working with companies that want to work directly with our patient community, setting up ways to manage their data directly on a platform on their phones, be part of the research, giving permission to use their data and then being compensated for their data when it is used for research

Clinerion Ltd

Clinerion is a growing Global Hospital Network with reciprocal use agreement for their structured anonymized data for clinical research.

We have a health records ontology and data model that allows our customers to integrate and map EMR data from any source, any HIS model and any language.

We have developed a query and reporting interface that allows standardized and federated querying across the global network. Such global network of over 30 million patients (which BTW is growing to 75 M by EOY) allows for longitudinal retrospective data search going back 5 to 10 years in our hospitals.

After trial protocols are built with our query designer and ran globally across the Clinerion network, our customers are then enabled to outreach back to the hospital —with the hospital having the ability to use Clinerion`s Patient Finder interface to search and stratify their own patients and re-identify directly patients for clinical research outreach, physician chart review or Patient Reported Outcomes.

Additionally our DaaS product enables access to all the anonymized aggregate data that can be applied for global epidemiology and Health Economics Outcome Research modelling and together with our analytical services, reporting as-well-as various clinical research project level capabilities are also available.

Finally our IP granted patents and patent applications for our ANID technology (PPI anonymization) and ETL - EMR technology allows patients remain anonymous while enabling our pharma customers develop the best clinical research which result in developing best in class molecules.

Dassault Systemes

Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, provides software applications and services, designed to support companies’ innovation processes. The Company’s software

applications and services span design from ideation, to early 3D digital conceptual design drawings to full digital mock-up; virtual testing of products; end-to-end global industrial operations, including manufacturing management to operations planning & optimization; and in marketing and sales from digital marketing and advertising to end-consumer
shopping experience. The Group brings value to over 200,000 customers of all sizes, in all industries, in more than 140 countries. Dassault Systèmes is the world leader of the global Product Lifecycle Management (“PLM”) market (design, simulation, manufacturing and collaboration) based upon end-user software revenue, a position which it has held since 1999.

Dassault Systèmes is the second largest European Software company and became (e.g. through the acquisition of Medidata in 2019) the #1 Player in Life Science Software. Half of all innovative drugs and medical devices in the world are designed with our solutions.

DayOne - Basel Area Business & Innovation

DayOne Managed by Basel Area Business & Innovation Ecosystem for Digital Health


Netguru is an end-to-end software consultancy, supporting enterprises with digital innovation. Over 400 developers on board and various teams - product design, machine learning, software development, mobile app development, web development. Collaborating with Netguru had a lasting impact on our ability to be innovative and execute at a pace. The team there have a strong focus on not just doing what you ask for but also thinking really hard about the problem first to see how it can be solved differently, faster, and better.

Impact Hub Basel

What is Impact Hub?

We are one of the world’s largest networks focused on building entrepreneurial communities for impact at scale — home to the innovators, the dreamers and the entrepreneurs who are creating tangible solutions to the world’s most pressing issues. At Impact Hub, we engineer serendipity to enable transformational impact.

Impact Hub Basel is part the Impact Hub Network and a community of purpose-driven members and organizations focused on working towards the Sustainable Development Goals and making a positive impact in the world!

Hence, we strive to support social entrepreneurs and sustainable innovators through a vibrant community, meaningful content and an inspiring coworking space.

VoiceMed - Test a Billion people NOW!

Nowadays the need to identify who has COVID-19 or not is critical to our survival. Our simple, reliable, AI-assisted software calculates the chance of a person having COVID-19 or other associated respiratory diseases from cough, breath and voice samples. Our solution provides immediate results anytime, anywhere, on any phone. It is not limited to smartphones and no internet access is required.


Cyclomics is a Dutch startup company founded in 2018 by scientists of the UMC Utrecht. Its ambition is to transform cancer care by enabling faster and more reliable diagnoses, particularly in cancer recurrence, thanks to its proprietary circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) detection technology.

Mission – Accurate measurement of cancer recurrence and monitoring of treatment responses are essential clinical needs in cancer diagnostics. The limitations of existing (imaging-based) methods pose a significant impediment to effective (re-)treatment and overall survival. The mission of Cyclomics is to address this challenge through an innovative solution for early cancer detection called CyclomicsSeq. This solution consists of a new diagnostic kit that can disrupt the cancer diagnostics market and clinical practice by enabling fast and reliable results and delivering superior performance to standard radiological and/or physical examination alone. CyclomicsSeq's first application is under clinical evaluation for neck cancers (HNC), where monitoring of treatment response and recurrence disease is essential for improving survival.


QGel Drug Discovery products help pharma companies discover and develop medicines to fight disease with a focus on cancer.

Precision Medicine at QGel aims to improve patient outcome by finding the right therapy for the right patient, and QGel's ongoing clinical trials endeavour to do just that.

About QGel

QGel is a biomedical technology company based in Switzerland specialized in organoid applications and solutions.

Our proprietary hydrogel technology, designed to mimic the microenvironment surrounding cells inside the human body, is capable of growing patient cells from biopsy outside of the body, while maintaining the key biomarkers from the patient’s originating tissue.

This novel innovation provides the ability to test many potential anti-cancer therapies on patient cancer avatars, ex vivo, to observe how each tumor clone responds to each therapy option, giving oncologists and drug developers insight to expected patient response.


Creapshere@Roche stage

About the Digital Health Program (Founded by Plug and Play, Sanofi and Roche in 2018)

We are creating an innovation platform at the heart of Europe, where forward-thinking corporations and disruptive startups can meet and create meaningful engagements.

We created an environment within our global ecosystem to pilot solutions and services, drive investments, learn and share experiences and facilitate international expansion: this is a place to empower healthtech and innovation. See the pitches above from selected Batch 5 companies during the Roche Innovation Summit 2020

Pitches during Roche Innovation Summit 2020

Buyer Brain

Buyer Brain is a consumer and employee insights company that uses cutting edge neuroscience to delve deep into people’s emotions and deliver unbiased insights.

Buyer Brain’s neuro-powered tools remove the declarative and cognitive biases that are plaguing traditional research methodologies. These tools record respondents' non-conscious and unbiased reactions and attitudes and translate those findings into business insights.
The insights are then used to build solutions that improve CX, customer engagement and loyalty and that deliver lasting behavioral change.

Yellow Canary ( is an emotional well-being assessment tool built by Buyer Brain, that helps people regain control over their emotional state and get in touch with hundreds of psychologists, who are ready to help. The platform is free to use and there are already more than 3000 people benefiting from its services.


DIGIPHARMs’ solutions aim to accelerate the much needed restructuring of healthcare delivery systems to a value-based approach. The inherent flaws of current global healthcare infrastructure result in substantial inefficiency, wastage and sub-optimal health outcomes for the most important stakeholder; the patient. In healthcare today, there is a lack of incentive for health systems and providers to focus on mutually beneficial collaboration and the maximisation of patient outcomes. Digipharm utilises blockchain technology to overcome key infrastructural limitations to innovative pricing and evidence generation. Digipharm’s platforms drive value improvement, reward innovation and expedite the transformation to value-based, personalised healthcare.

Digipharm aims at being the pioneer of value-based healthcare delivery, offering innovative evidence generation and game-changing patient empowerment. Main goals:

1) Removing the infrastructural barriers, offering automation for pricing agreements on an
independent platform
2) Facilitating reimbursement of health technology / healthcare provision
3) Developing a live Real-World Evidence (RWE) platform
4) Allowing the utilization of Real-World Data (RWD)
5) Informing health related research, decision making for stakeholders
6) Incentivizing patients to contribute their data
7) Dedicated App to collect Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROM's)
8) Prevent manipulation of outcomes data that's used to inform pricing using blockchain.

We are an exclusive implementation partner for ICHOM in the UK as well as servicing global leads.

Reimburse platform Value-based contracting platform.

Use of the Reimburse platform will expedite integration, coordination and delivery of patient-centric healthcare systems with a focus on improving patient outcomes while accelerating payment for value mechanisms between payers, manufacturers and providers using neutrally enforceable agreements in a peer to peer fashion.


OncoGenomX (OGX) – ProVision of MammaLogX, a PM&L Powered Web Solution, designed for the Needs and Expectations of Women with Breast Cancer & Care Providers, Enabling Improved Outcome and Reduction of Costs, at the Benefit of All! Detail OnocoGenomX was co-founded in 2019 by Wolfgang Hackl, MD, clinical & translational research doctor & business professional, and David Demanse, MSc, a renowned pioneer of AI- and clinical/biologic inference modeling. OncoGenomX is a Swiss start-up in the accelerator phase. We pride ourselves in building a company culture around ambition, collaboration, optimism and fun. Our team is international, multidisciplinary with incredible talent in oncology, AI modeling & big data analytics, business and marketing. Presented by: Wolfgang Hackl

Nukute Ltd.

Nukute is an Oulu-based health technology company that develops, markets and sells solutions to support the diagnosis and monitoring of respiratory and pulmonary diseases. The first product, Nukute Collare, crucially facilitates the diagnosis of sleep apnea. Another product, Nukute Monitor, provides doctors with a much-needed opportunity to monitor the well-being of patients with respiratory and pulmonary diseases as well as Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (due to COVID-19 infection, among others) in both hospital and home care.


Ideafoster is a Fast Innovation company. You can check out our 2019 year in review video -

Our mission is to help companies analyse, generate, prototype, and test ideas on new products, services, and processes in order to achieve profitable growth. We innovate together, providing solutions for organizations´ challenges by analysing, ideating, prototyping and testing potential business opportunities. We take up complex challenges through fast innovation methodologies to pursue both digital transformation and profitable growth.

We empower teams to innovate. We help them develop in-house employee-driven innovation programs, in order to generate, prototype and test ideas that accelerate growth. The Innoverse deploys a fully functioning innovation program aimed to empower employees within your organization, in order for them to identify new business opportunities and launch ideas that accelerate growth.

What makes us stand out, apart from our experience and capabilities, is the experienced ecosystem of +40 providers who work with the team. We’ve built an ecosystem of state-of-the-art partners that work together with us to deliver innovation in a more agile and effective approach. Thanks to our network and customized technological development, we help companies prototype and test ideas faster than their fastest competitors. We´ve proven excellence in the areas of UX/UI, 3D Printing, Data, AI, Blockchain and Digital Product Development.

a Volv product: inTrigue

Volv was founded to enable our customers and partners to take advantage of the latest developments in technology and data science to be better able to discover the insights from diverse data that they need to drive for better outcomes.

We use high sensitivity proprietary and open source technologies hosted on robust, secure scalable and cost effective deployment platforms. Our expertise provides enabling content and insight to apply healthcare solutions in a more time efficient and cost-effective way.

We work with customers and partners to create new solutions that answer some of the toughest challenges in healthcare and life-sciences. Our tested co-development model allows us to create replicable and applicable solutions of value to the industry.

Volv uses state of the art methods that are based on the particular challenge in-hand and work across many different data types: from utilizing structured and unstructured Electronic Health Records (EHR), Twitter sources or PubMed are just a few diverse examples.

inTrigue is our methodology for difficult to diagnose and rare disease cohort modelling. inTrigue is not just a way to find patients, it is a completely new way to discover the patients that typically cannot be found. With inTrigue we deliver content to support diagnosis through the discovery of new predictive digital biomarkers.

We use our technologies to detect digital biomarkers across all human diseases focusing in areas of significant unmet need or of difficult to diagnose conditions. We transform disease management and treatment for the first time at the level of the individual, and especially where the cohorts cannot be easily determined. inTrigue reshapes medical practice, helping specialists make better clinical diagnoses for precision and personalised medicine, so that they can correctly treat the precise cohort of patients that will benefit from your medicines.

Our expertise provides insight for our customers to apply healthcare solutions in a more time efficient and cost effective way, impacting patients through significantly earlier diagnosis and more accurate targeting.

inTrigue is a capability that supports clinical specialists and that you can use today, to deliver valuable benefits to the healthcare markets that you are in.


conversationHEALTH has developed an AI powered Saas platform that enables pharma companies to deploy a range of customer centric text and voice bots. We understand the opportunities, complexities, and subtleties of this highly regulated industry – as well as the specific needs of our clients and their customers. We create conversational solutions across Marketing & Sales, Medical Affairs / MedInfo, and Clinical Trials reimagining engagement with consumers, patients, and Health Care Professionals. Unlike humans, AI-powered text and voice chatbots are available 24/7, are both expert and empathetic, and scale to meet the needs of every customer segment.

We have partnered with over 16 global pharmaceutical companies to deploy commercial, patient support, and medical affairs "bots" across several therapeutic areas. Our proprietary Conversation Management Platform (CMP) powers these bots in multiple channels and languages. A deep understanding of the pharma industry ensures we deliver both MLR compliant, meaningful customer experience - and compelling business value for our clients.

NanoSYS Biologics

The Company focuses on blockade of cytotoxic T lymphocyte antigen – 4 (CTLA-4) on T cell surface and inducible cAMP early repressor (ICER) in the CTLA-4+ T cell`s nuclei using new generation of nanoparticles (C4NanotheraICER) developed by Kamil Záruba an expert in theranostics, leader of `nano` group. Biological and anti-tumor properties of these nanoparticles will be evaluated on cellular as well as organismal level (mouse melanoma model) by `immuno` group lead by Dr. Josef Bodor and his collaborators working on CTLA-4 blockade and ICER mRNA elimination including the dynamics of nanoparticle penetration into specific subsets of immune cells both in mouse and human cells. Anti-tumor efficacy of C4NanotheraICER will be validated ex vivo in autologous cells of melanoma patients in 3D model (CANscript, Mitra Biotech).

For inquiries regarding NanoSYS Biologics please contact Dr. Josef Bodor (e-mail:; iPhone: 00420-722-950-013 at NanoSYS Biologics Office at Jablonecká 7/717, 190 00 Prague, Czech Republic


UBT's microwave imaging technology achieves the accuracy of x-rays without the risks and limitations associated with ionizing radiations. The innovative imaging technology employs low power microwaves – non-ionizing electromagnetic radiations, such as those commonly used in mobile communications.

UBT has so far developed two different products, which present unique selling propositions (USPs).

MammoWave. MammoWave is a novel X-rays free mammogram for breast cancer screening.
USP1: The absence of harmful radiations enables more frequent screenings to a wider population, including young women.
USP2: the breast is not compressed as it is in mammography.
USP3: the excellent engineering solution leads to a price-competitive device. This make MammoWave primed for breast mass screening.

BrainWave. BrainWave is a novel device for brain stroke detection and classification.
USP: the device is a handy and mobile apparatus that fits into the ambulance setting, allowing examinations prior to the arrival of the patient to the hospital. Short time to results is key in stroke management, and UBT’s device could save time.


Winner of the EUvsVirus Hackathon:

Link to their pitch description:

HoloCare- In a pandemic, HoloCare can deliver a solution that maintains the quality of treatment in hospitals. By enabling critical care clinicians to work safely and remotely using holograms

During a pandemic, hospitals hold a large concentration of people infected with disease. Keeping these facilities open and running are a large determinant on whether the disease can be managed properly.

Continuing treatment at these facilities using personal protective equipment is not always sufficient to contain the spread of infection, neither for patients nor for critical-care personnel. Alternatively, reducing rates of transmission through social distancing is an effective technique for unknown and difficult-to-treat diseases. Building upon these social distancing guidelines, we saw an opportunity to pivot the use of our holographic technology towards giving healthcare personnel the ability to work at a safe distance from patients and other personnel.

Cross-Cultural Synergies

Delivering cross-cultural leadership and team training to companies doing business across borders, especially those working in the Asian region.

Team Discover

Winner of the EUvsVirus Hackathon: Link to pitch description:

We give nurses superpowers, by doing a 100 check-ups in the time that it used to take 1. All while being far from the patient, staying out of risk.

Our solution enables a highly scalable patient monitoring system that minimizes physical contact between nurses and patients, which also leads to smaller shortage of protective gear. Instead of occasional visits, our device measures vital parameters real-time and uploads each patient’s data into a central server. With the help of our dashboard, doctors and nurses can oversee hundred times more patients, while our automatic alert functionalities make it possible to diagnose deteriorating cases instantly and to reach quicker reaction times.

In the span of 48 hours, we have created a fully-functional pair of 3D printed glasses, allowing patients to initiate frequent measuring of their vital signs, all by themselves. These include body temperature, oxygen saturation and respiratory rate, the key values nurses regularly check on coronavirus patients.

We have bought the sensors ourselves and designed the 3D printed glasses frame to blend them into one device. This fast-prototyping only cost us 21€, and mass production would lower the cost of a device even more.


We take the pain out of Data Science !

At LLAAMA, we have a passion for building complex distributed systems (aka cloud-native) that can process large amounts of Pharmaceutical R&D data incredibly fast.

Our mission is to bring the best and fastest data processing technologies and architectures to R&D in pharma and biotech with platforms we build and services we offer.

We build platforms that:
-enable frictionless deployment of complex data analysis modules on private, public or hybrid cloud infrastructure.
-ensure a transparent, traceable and reproducible data analysis process using software containers and Distributed Ledger Technologies.
-are able to treat R&D data in almost real-time.

We build Reactive systems that are responsive, resilient, elastic, message driven, and composed of coordinated micro-services that can easily evolve over time.

We partner with leading companies for big data & real-time processing software.

We have been in discussions about our new approaches for many months with different regulatory agencies.


Text mining (also referred to as text analytics) is an artificial intelligence (AI) technology that uses natural language processing (NLP) to transform the free (unstructured) text in documents and databases into normalized, structured data suitable for analysis or to drive machine learning (ML) algorithms.

This section of our website provides an introduction to these technologies, and highlights some of the features that contribute to an effective solution.

What is Text Mining?
Widely used in knowledge-driven organizations, text mining is the process of examining large collections of documents to discover new information or help answer specific research questions.

Text mining identifies facts, relationships and assertions that would otherwise remain buried in the mass of textual big data. Once extracted, this information is converted into a structured form that can be further analyzed, or presented directly using clustered HTML tables, mind maps, charts, etc. Text mining employs a variety of methodologies to process the text, one of the most important of these being Natural Language Processing (NLP).

The structured data created by text mining can be integrated into databases, data warehouses or business intelligence dashboards and used for descriptive, prescriptive or predictive analytics.

What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)?
Natural Language Understanding helps machines “read” text (or another input such as speech) by simulating the human ability to understand a natural language such as English, Spanish or Chinese. Natural Language Processing includes both Natural Language Understanding and Natural Language Generation, which simulates the human ability to create natural language text e.g. to summarize information or take part in a dialogue.

As a technology, natural language processing has come of age over the past ten years, with products such as Siri, Alexa and Google's voice search employing NLP to understand and respond to user requests. Sophisticated text mining applications have also been developed in fields as diverse as medical research, risk management, customer care, insurance (fraud detection) and contextual advertising.

Today’s natural language processing systems can analyze unlimited amounts of text-based data without fatigue and in a consistent, unbiased manner. They can understand concepts within complex contexts, and decipher ambiguities of language to extract key facts and relationships, or provide summaries. Given the huge quantity of unstructured data that is produced every day, from electronic health records (EHRs) to social media posts, this form of automation has become critical to analysing text-based data efficiently.

Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing
Machine learning is an artificial intelligence (AI) technology which provides systems with the ability to automatically learn from experience without the need for explicit programming, and can help solve complex problems with accuracy that can rival or even sometimes surpass humans.

However, machine learning requires well-curated input to train from, and this is typically not available from sources such as electronic health records (EHRs) or scientific literature where most of the data is unstructured text.

When applied to EHRs, clinical trial records or full text literature, natural language processing can extract the clean, structured data needed to drive the advanced predictive models used in machine learning, thereby reducing the need for expensive, manual annotation of training data.

Big Data and the Limitations of Keyword Search
While traditional search engines like Google now offer refinements such as synonyms, auto-completion and semantic search (history and context), the vast majority of search results only point to the location of documents, leaving searchers with the problem of having to spend hours manually extracting the necessary data by reading through individual documents.

The limitations of traditional search are compounded by the growth in big data over the past decade, which has helped increase the number of results returned for a single query by a search engine like Google from tens of thousands to hundreds of millions.

The healthcare and biomedical sectors are no exception. A December 2018 study by the International Data Corporation (IDC) found that the volume of big data is projected to grow faster in healthcare than in manufacturing, financial services or media over the next seven years: experiencing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 36%.

IDC White Paper: The Digitization of the World from Edge to Core.

With the growth of textual big data, the use of AI technologies such as natural language processing and machine learning becomes even more imperative.

Ontologies, Vocabularies and Custom Dictionaries
Ontologies, vocabularies and custom dictionaries are powerful tools to assist with search, data extraction and data integration. They are a key component of many text mining tools, and provide lists of key concepts, with names and synonyms often arranged in a hierarchy.

Search engines, text analytics tools and natural language processing solutions become even more powerful when deployed with domain-specific ontologies. Ontologies enable the real meaning of the text to be understood, even when it is expressed in different ways (e.g. Tylenol vs. Acetaminophen). NLP techniques extend the power of ontologies, for example by allowing matching of terms with different spellings (Estrogen or Oestrogen), and by taking context into account (“SCT” can refer to the gene, “Secretin”, or to “Stair Climbing Test”).

The specification of an ontology includes a vocabulary of terms and formal constraints on its use. Enterprise-ready natural language processing requires range of vocabularies, ontologies and related strategies to identify concepts in their correct context:

Thesauri, vocabularies, taxonomies and ontologies for concepts with known terms;
Pattern-based approaches for categories such as measurements, mutations and chemical names that can include novel (unseen) terms;
Domain-specific, rule-based concept identification, annotation and transformation;
Integration of customer vocabularies to enable bespoke annotation;
Advanced search to enable the identification of data ranges for dates, numerical values, area, concentration, percentage, duration, length and weight.
Linguamatics provides a number of standard terminologies, ontologies and vocabularies as part of its natural language processing platform. More information can be found on our Ontologies page.

Enterprise-Level Natural Language Processing
The use of advanced analytics represents a real opportunity within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, where the challenge lies in selecting the appropriate solution, and then implementing it efficiently across the enterprise.

Effective natural language processing requires a number of features that should be incorporated into any enterprise-level NLP solution, and some of these are described below.

Analytical Tools
There is huge variety in document composition and textual context, including sources, format, language and grammar. Tackling this variety requires a range of methodologies:

Transformation of internal and external document formats (e.g. HTML, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF text, PDF image) into a standardized searchable format;
The ability to identify, tag and search in specific document sections (areas), for example: focusing a search to remove noise from a paper’s reference section;
Linguistic processing to identify the meaningful units within text such as sentences, noun and verb groups together with the relationships between them;
Semantic tools that identify concepts within the text such as drugs and diseases, and normalize to concepts from standard ontologies. In addition to core life science and healthcare ontologies such as MedDRA and MeSH, the ability to add their own dictionaries is a requirement for many organizations;
Pattern recognition to discover and identify categories of information, not easily defined with a dictionary approach. These include dates, numerical information, biomedical terms (e.g. concentration, volume, dosage, energy) and gene/protein mutations;
The ability to process embedded tables within the text, whether formatted using HTML or XML, or as free text.
Open Architecture
An open architecture that allows for the integration of different components is now a crucial aspect in the development of enterprise systems, and there are a number of key standards in this area:-

A RESTful Web Services API supports integration with document processing workflows;
A declarative query language that is human readable and accessible for all NLP functionality (e.g. queries, search terms, context and display settings);
The ability to transform and integrate extracted data into a common infrastructure for master data management (MDM) or distributed processing with e.g. Hadoop.
Technology Partners
Partnerships are a critical enabler for industry innovators to access the tools and technologies needed to transform data across the enterprise.

Linguamatics partners and collaborates with numerous companies, academic and governmental organizations to bring customers the right technology for their needs and develop next generation solutions. Visit our Partners and Affiliations page for more on our technology and content partnerships.

User Interface
An effective user interface broadens access to natural language processing tools, rather than requiring specialist skills to use them (e.g. programming expertise, command line access, scripting).

A productive NLP solution provides a range of ways to access the platform to accommodate the business needs and skill sets across the organisation, such as:

An intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) that avoids the need for users to write scripts;
Web portals that enable access by non-technical users;
An interface to search and browse ontologies;
An administration interface to control access to data, and allow indexes to be processed on behalf of many users;
A broad range of out-of-the-box query modules, enabling domain experts to ask questions without the need to understand the underlying linguistics.
Text-mining challenges vary in size, from occasional access to a few documents to federated searches over multiple silos and millions of documents. A modern natural language processing solution must therefore:

Provide the ability to run sophisticated queries over tens of millions of documents, each of which may be thousands of pages long;
Handle vocabularies and ontologies containing millions of terms;
Run on parallel architectures, whether standard multi-core, cluster or cloud;
Provide a connector to run natural language processing in service-oriented environments such as ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), semantic enrichment and signal detection, for example: clinical risk monitoring in healthcare.
More Information
For more information on selecting the right tools for your business needs, please read our guide on Choosing the right NLP Solution for your Business.

Genome Biologics

Genome Biologics is leaders in therapeutic target discovery and RNA-targeted therapies in Cardiovascular Disease. Our technology platforms seamlessly integrate synergistically to accelerate development of therapies to treat illnesses where no other treatments have proven effective or ever existed.


Winner of the EUvsVirus Hackathon: Link to pitch description:

MyBubble is the 'digital bubble' that keeps you alert, informed, and safe in the 'new normal'!

The Problem and Our Inspiration

Social distancing is the most sudden, drastic, and widespread behavioural change in human history. Staying at home, keeping apart, avoiding groups of friends, family, and coworkers all challenge us as social creatures. Now, many EU member states and countries around the world have begun (or are planning to) ease strict stay-at-home measures and are re-activating businesses -- while at the same time putting more responsibility on employers to keep their employees safe.

The challenge is that these rules are hard to always comply with -- since they're always at risk of changing with the situation and because people will naturally struggle to comply with them (out of forgetfulness or willful ignorance). The reality is that re-opening gets us a step closer to normal, but also drastically exposes our risk to contracting or spreading COVID-19

niAnalytics GmbH

niAnalytics GmbH offers a unique and comprehensive set of software and services solutions for pharmaceutical and medical device companies, sponsors, contract research organizations, as well as academic institutions and hospitals.

Our data management approach supports all types of clinical trials and post-marketing studies. Whether you are a pharmaceutical or medical device company, academic or clinical institution, the niAnalytics ecosystem will help you succeed.

The niAnalytics EDC/CTMS system was created to facilitate minimum lead time for eCRF and database creation and validation. At niAnalytics we can create your eCRF and database in a matter of days, not weeks or months, resulting in dramatic savings. We can perform your in-trial changes in a manner of minutes to hours instead of days or weeks.

The niAnalytics EDC/CTMS is a robust system which provides intuitive easy to use resources and facilitates the performance of any clinical trial no matter how small or large.

We make the entire process easy, smooth and cost effective. The niAnalytics EDC/CTMS is simple to use, flexible and can be fully customized to the customer's business processes. Any type of EDC document can be created, not only eCRFs. Your imagination is our limit!

CISS GmbH the provider of 360inControl®


We believe that integrated information security & risk management leads to a direct competitive advantage. Our passion is to break down complexity and provide viable solutions.

CISS supports companies, start-ups, NGOs in the areas of information security, governance, risk and compliance (GRC) and the associated requirements of digitalisation.

In almost all industries, stakeholder, standards and regulatory requirements are increasingly becoming the basis for business relationships and companies need to face these challenges.

With 360inControl®, it is possible to set up an "Internal Control System (ICS)" promptly and efficiently.

Our experiences over decades with many companies and our cooperation with the University FHNW and the University of Lucerne ensure a solid implementation of theoretical and practical requirements and allows us to offer scalable solutions for medium-sized companies and global players.


Winner of the EUvsVirus Hackathon: Link to their pitch description: We cover the information gap between the demand, supply and funding of medical equipment, procured by donation. We provide a data platform combining hospitals needs with available suppliers and funds.

"Yesterday": Three weeks ago we asked a donation platform when our solution was needed. Showing great belief in our solution but recognising the urgency of implementation, their response was "yesterday". We've continued to receive the same level of overwhelming support each of the countless interviews we've conducted since, with experts from across the EU.

Healthcare providers need medical equipment urgently and suffer from the lack of supplies. Manufacturers and existing suppliers are overwhelmed with the demand and a number of new manufacturers are repurposing their production lines or starting from scratch to join the market. On the other hand, fundraisers struggle to procure medical equipment and match them to institutions who need funding and support the most. With the sudden emergence of many charitable organizations aimed at the funding and procurement of medical supplies, there is a lot of miscommunication and overlap in orders leading to high costs and hospital PPE and equipment requirements not being fulfulled in time.

GeneLook AG

GeneLook empowers patients to be actively involved in their healthcare journey. We are building the future of patient-centric precision medicine for rare disease and chronic disease patients.

Our platform allows patients: 1) full ownership & control of their health/medical data, 2) ability to securely share data with healthcare stakeholders exactly how they choose, & 3) optimization of healthcare delivery based on individual medical needs, health risks, & pharmacogenomics.

GeneLook aggregates genomic + medical data from patients worldwide to allow the pharmaceutical & biotechnology industries to access valuable data for: 1) basic/translational research, 2) drug discovery/development, & 3) clinical trials patient recruitment.


ELEKS is an international organisation, providing software engineering, technology consulting, and quality management services to the global IT market. We deliver innovative and resilient technology solutions, and critical operational and strategic systems which support company differentiation and unparalleled business growth.

Complementing our world-class software engineering expertise, our specialisations include data science, mobility, digital production and financial industry solutions. ELEKS is positioned as a strategic technology partner for our Clients, with a proven ability to address their most pressing technological needs.

Since 1991, our software solutions have significantly contributed to our Clients’ success – Fortune 500 companies among them. Some of our solutions are recognized as adding great value in terms of industry best practices in their respective domains.

Our strong technical capabilities, both in terms of ELEKS’ ready-to-deploy technical experts and the numerous successfully completed client engagements, ensures the highest probability of success for the client in its endeavours.


José Luis Lopez, CEO of Insulcloud, and his sister have suffered with diabetes for the last 20 years. As a patient, he experienced firsthand the difficulties of keeping track of glucose levels, insulin injections, and other factors such as food intake and exercise that are important to having well controlled glucose levels and a low HbA1c. He along with the Insulcloud team decided to develop a system to facilitate compliance, glucose control and optimize patient care while lowering the cost of care. Insulcloud was founded in 2014 with a focus on developing a comprehensive and highly differentiated system, INSULCLOCK 360 SYSTEM, and bringing it to market globally with an eye towards future indications in other chronic diseases.

EUPATI CH / RueumaCura

The aims of EUPATI CH are to act as the central point for inquiries and cooperation platform for patient empowerment and involvement in medicines R&D processes in Switzerland.

1. Contributing to patient empowerment for active involvement in medicines research and development (R&D).
2. Supporting public awareness raising for the EUPATI education material.
3. Fostering partnerships with medicines R&D stakeholders in Switzerland to promote public involvement in all aspects of medicines R&D.

RheumaCura: Foundation for patient-centric arthritis research

Our Vision
Rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases can be prevented and cured
Our Mission
To promote scientific research into rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases, by
• Involving patients by using their knowledge and experience to improve research;
• Fundraising and allocating of research grants to advance prevention, diagnosis and curative treatments;
• Informing and collaborating with other stakeholders and affected citizens to spread knowledge about research developments.
that scientific research can find better treatment, prevention and cures,
conscious of the fact
that rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases cause great suffering world-wide,
with the goal
of increasing the understanding of these diseases across all stakeholders,
the RheumaCura Foundation will work based on these following statutes:

Self Care Catalysts

Self Care Catalysts is a patient-centered digital therapeutics, intelligence and analytics company deriving value from patient-centered real world evidence to inform clinical care, product life cycle management and behavior change interventions.

We build new healthcare ecosystem where patients stand at the intersection of human networks, technology and science.A patient-driven environment where the stakeholders are finally able to address the unmet, yet mission-critical, need to deeply and intimately capture and gain a holistic view of the patient’s health journey to enable better healthcare decisions, care and outcomes

Our disease-agnostic, customizable SaaS platform, Health Storylines collects real-world patient experience data to fill in important information gaps critical to Care, Monitoring, Drug Development and Product Life Cycle Management


Diagnostics is done by the analysis of glycan changes on specific proteins like a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) in a non-invasive way i.e. directly in human serum. Thus, molecular changes of the proteins like PSA are applied for cancer diagnostics. The tests are designed to help doctors to make a proper decision about a need to perform a biopsy or to check the patient after the biopsy which misses 30% of prostate cancer patients. Prostate cancer disease can be treatable and early diagnostics is the key!


Sustainable and responsible leadership.

Suspire is a start up based in Basel, Switzerland, and its customers range from universities to global non-profit-organizations and multinational pharmaceutical companies.


We offer a database technology for any application that:

  • Keeps track of any changes
  • Encrypts data by default and by design
  • Protects personal data with an expiration date
  • Is easy to maintain
  • Is convenient for developers


Sensors, connected objects, smartphones, algorithms, 5G, automation… These innovations help us save money, save time, save energy. In other words, they help us better allocate our resources and concentrate on what counts the most: improving our quality of life thanks to services and experiences that fit our needs and preferences.

Obviously, the healthcare industry isn’t just another consumer industry. But the idea of optimizing resource allocation and improving the life of patients makes complete sense too. And yet, the healthcare industry struggles to offer a personalized, efficient and seamless experience to patients, precisely when patient engagement and adherence is becoming a focal point for payers, physicians and legislators alike.

Diverse healthcare stakeholders all agree that improving treatment adherence is a key factor in combatting these pressing public health challenges. Looking beyond adherence, the notions of quality of life and the patient experience over a lifetime are more than ever relevant.

Confronted with these facts, Observia provides innovative support services and e-health solutions that meet two prime objectives:
- Offer patients new mechanisms to benefit from ongoing and highly personalized follow-up care that reflects the real needs of the chronically ill
- Equip healthcare professionals with useful tools that help them achieve objectives co-defined with their patients.

We have worked collaboratively with numerous healthcare stakeholders on a variety of initiatives that change the way care is offered and managed: in-home e-health solutions, the creation of digital channels, as well as the installation of digital ‘care hubs’ to allow hospital-based multi-disciplinary professional teams to better coordinate care and monitor patient progress.

The core objective of programs offered by Observia is to provide better care for patients and improve their experience. In order to accomplish this, we have developed two proprietary technologies: spur™, a digital reference tool grounded in robust behavioral theory that provides new insights to better understand and engage patients; and d.tells™ an intelligent engine for personalizing e-health solutions.

Deepening behavioural research and creating high impact patient support projects makes our work fascinating and challenging, and we hope to continue innovating with our partners to develop future patient support solutions and help improve patients’ lives.


With 18 months of exitence and already GMP projects in place, we help the pharmaceutical operations (QA, QC, Manufacturing, Supply chain) to integrate artificial intelligence in their operations. Our startup has the compliance knowledge (21 CFR part 11, ALCOA...) as well as a stong technical knowledge (machine learning on images and text), which enables us to provide full solutions using standard hardware components (serveurs, robotic arm, cameras...). We have been working on projects to managed SOP, deviations, supplier certificats as well as IPC automation (visual insection) or mixup avoidance.

Aquarray GmbH

Aquarray GmbH is a biotechnology company founded in April 2018 as a spin-off of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany. Aquarray’s proprietary Droplet Microarray (DMA) is a product innovation which enables novel highly miniaturized cell based screenings. The DMA is saving costs by miniaturization, while both accelerating screening, and increasing the predictivity of screening results by enabling physiologically more relevant screening models. DMA aims to address the main needs evidenced by fundamental life science research, personalized drug screenings and Pharma drug discovery campaigns. The founders’ team combines research and commercial expertise, bringing together expertise and decades of experience in chemistry, surface science, biophysics, biology, medical industry and entrepreneurship. Since our inception to nowadays, our work and gamechanging solution has been welcomed and recognised. We have raised an important amount of public and private investment, we have secured important partnerships with key actors in the value chain as well. We have started to generate interest and potential market demand for our product from Pharma companies and research institutes.

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