Eversens is a company specialized in the design, development, and manufacturing of non-invasive clinical diagnosis systems through the detection of exhaled biomarkers.We have presented our first product, called evernoa BASE, at the 2019 MEDICA Fair. It is a point-of-care, portable, FeNO device (FeNO is a biomarker of asthma control) that facilitates the diagnosis and monitoring of asthma. This device is the precursor of the innovative evernoa SYSTEM, a complete HW and SW solution. evernoa SYSTEM includes a complete range of devices to diagnose asthma in specialized units, to monitor the illness in primary care services, and to permit home care managing at pharmacies or patients themselves.

Asthma is a global health problem. It affects now more than 30 million people in the EU and 339 million worldwide (expected to rise up to 400 m by 2025).
Asthma can have a very negative impact on the quality of life of those people who suffer from it and a very high cost to national health systems.
Mean cost per patient per year: €1,670 ($3,100 in the USA). The average total cost per patient ranged from €509 (controlled asthma) to €2,281 (uncontrolled disease)
Asthma is the most common chronic disease in children (affects 14% child population) and the number one cause of children’s emergency hospital visits and admissions (EAACI).
Estimated productivity loss due to patients’ poor control of their asthma (EAACI): €9.8 billion per year.

Prevention plays a pivotal role in asthma. It is important to highlight that the first stages of the disease may be asymptomatic leading to a chronic inflammation without detection.
There is no cure, therefore the primary goal is to manage rather than cure the condition. This includes maintaining control of the disease and preventing any worsening and asthma attacks.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and according to the WHO, asthma is a disease that makes the effects of Covid-19 more serious, classifying asthmatics into high-risk groups. Health authorities recommend that, especially now, asthmatic patients have the disease well controlled.

The lack of precise tools and a holistic approach for asthma diagnosis and control results in severe problems for patients and health systems.
- Patient problems: 1) Misdiagnosis: 52% of people with asthma had not been diagnosed; 2) Low treatment adherence; 3) Sudden severe crisis of breathing.
- Healthcare Systems' Problems: 1) Lack of objective information; 2) Lack of disease course truthful information; 3) Lack of an approach to answer the problem of asthma burden.

evernoa is a complete system to help professionals to get an accurate diagnosis of asthma, and doctors and patients an easy and low-cost monitoring of the illness. It includes four portable devices to measure exhaled biomarkers and a software e-platform that connects them.

evernoa devices are based on the following scientific principles:
eNO (Exhaled Nitric Oxide): is an important biomarker related with the existence of respiratory diseases like Asthma.
When this eNO measure is taken at a unique fixed flow of 50 ml/s it is called FeNO.
FeNO is a biomarker of the existence of upper airway inflammation.
eNO measurements, at different flow rates, add the possibility of identifying where the inflammation is located in the complete respiratory system (upper airways and lungs).
Clinical recommended accuracy for asthma diagnosis is 1 ppb (part per billion).
eCO (Exhaled Carbon Monoxide) is an important biomarker related with smoking habits

The evernoa solution consists of two phases: 1) evernoa BASE device for FeNO standard measurement, currently CE marked and available on the market, 2) complete evernoa SYSTEM solution that increases the capabilities and value proposition of the initial solution.

evernoa BASE is a fast, precise, portable, non-invasive, point-of-care device for the measurement of FeNO, which allows the diagnosis and monitoring of asthma by providing objective information on airway inflammation.

evernoa BASE is the precursor of evernoa SYSTEM, which consists of a complete range of devices accompanied by a cloud software platform that allows the data sent from the devices to be collected and processed together with other data of interest, obtaining information of high added value in diagnosis and management of the patient.

The four additional elements of evernoa SYSTEM are the following ones:
1.- evernoa PRO is the portable device with the highest accuracy possible on the market, 1 ppb. Designed to be used in asthma specialised centres by specialized doctors (pneumologists and/or allergists) for asthma diagnosis and monitoring. It is especially interesting with severe and multipathological asthma patients. evernoa PRO identifies the inflamed area thanks to its multi-flow measurement performance and also measures eCO levels in parallel with eNO to correct the introduced distortion in eNO caused by smoker patients, who make up 20% of all asthmatic patients.

2.- evernoa PLUS has exactly the same innovative characteristics and external appearance as evernoa PRO, except it lacks the multi-flow performance. PLUS fits with primary care needs, because it allows to accurately diagnose in early stages and to monitor the evolution of all asthma patients, including smokers.

3.- evernoa HOME is a miniaturized, low-cost FeNO version of evernoa which allows a model of approaching the Asthmatic Patient as a Chronic Patient in a continuous and personalized way.
evernoa HOME, linked to his own app installed on a tablet or smartphone for a daily use, will track patient symptoms, triggers and medication plan.

4.- evernoa AMS is a software platform to capture, process and show in a clear and visual way high-interest information to establish personalized attention, individualized treatment plans and follow-up of the disease according to the state of the Asthmatic Patient. It is a clear step towards an e-health tool.

Eversens, by developing evernoa SYSTEM, wants to provide the best possible tool for each and all agents involved in asthma management.

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