Observia SAS


Observia is a European e-Health company recognized for its expertise in behavioural science, digital patient support solutions and deep understanding of healthcare ecosystems.

Observia creates uniquely personalized, high impact, industry-leading beyond-the-pill solutions to improve patients’ lives and ease healthcare professionals’ daily life. Observia also developed two proprietary technologies: spur™, a digital reference tool grounded in robust behavioral theory that provides new insights to better understand and engage patients; and d.tells™ an intelligent engine for personalizing e-health solutions.

A trusted partner to the healthcare professional community, patient associations, pharmaceutical and public health organizations in the field of digital health, Observia was created in 2011 and is headquartered in Paris and opened a subsidiary in Singapore in 2018.

Observia is a one-stop-shop provider, supporting customers from understanding specific needs to creating solution and measuring real-world impact and quality of life improvement.



16 rue Brancion
75015 Paris

Phone +41794723788
E-mail: elena.siluyanova@observia-group.com