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Appotek is your virtual clinic - we do for healthcare what iTunes did for music.

We digitise the entire treatment lifecycle, from the first online consultation through digital prescriptions, daily treatment reminders, feedbacks, call back visits and recovery - always with the patient at the centre.

The only treatment platform in the world that can prescribe anything from medicine to meditation, physio exercises, nutrition plans, video instructions, questionnaires and audios. Appotek brings 17% of patients into adherence who would otherwise fall out of treatment - saving time, lives and money.

Patients and professionals see all data from a dashboard and can easily navigate between treatments, tasks, e-records, wearables, facts, advice and consultations.

It’s a system that works as well for someone with cancer as for a sportsman with a knee injury, as for a sufferer of a chronic disease.

It’s not only patients and professionals that benefit: Pharma can track anonymised data – on new or existing medicines, in real life settings. A unique opportunity to see how patient’s lifestyle, treatment protocols and dosages affect outcomes.

It’s all secured with a distributed blockchain and encrypted traffic and meet the highest standards.

Appotek is the future. Because you don’t have to be ill to stay healthy.

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