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Cyclomics is a Dutch startup company founded in 2018 by scientists of the UMC Utrecht. Its ambition is to transform cancer care by enabling faster and more reliable diagnoses, particularly in cancer recurrence, thanks to its proprietary circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) detection technology.

Mission – Accurate measurement of cancer recurrence and monitoring of treatment responses are essential clinical needs in cancer diagnostics. The limitations of existing (imaging-based) methods pose a significant impediment to effective (re-)treatment and overall survival. The mission of Cyclomics is to address this challenge through an innovative solution for early cancer detection called CyclomicsSeq. This solution consists of a new diagnostic kit that can disrupt the cancer diagnostics market and clinical practice by enabling fast and reliable results and delivering superior performance to standard radiological and/or physical examination alone. CyclomicsSeq's first application is under clinical evaluation for neck cancers (HNC), where monitoring of treatment response and recurrence disease is essential for improving survival.

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