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Casemice is a company specialized in physician communication with digital cases. Casemice developing its products for Pharma industry to help them better communicate with HCP's . We understand our customers better because our founders have a total of 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical business insight, sales and marketing fields. Casemice products are being used in 8 countries, 18 specialties, 30 companies, 25 disease areas. Below you can find information about our product portfolio.

Product overview:

A) Casemobile/Docmaze: Case simulations for mobile distant meetings with HCP's and detailing. Doctors feel like they ' re solving a puzzle rather than attending a meeting. Speaker or medical people comments on the results.

B) Casetalk: AI based history taking added on top of our patient simulations which allows educators and companies to better understand doctor management behavior.

C) Casetree: A branched scenario platform for Pharma and educators to create real life like patient experience. Doctors' see the result of their action and if they follow the wrong management approach they see the KOL comments and follow the correct path eventually.

D) Compass: An app for doctors to make guidelines easily applicable. They need to make few selections and get the advice from the experts. They can also find sample cases, literature review and Q&A etc. within the platform.

E) Graphyonline: MR, Xrays, ECG any tests that has images or video can be added to our visual training platform. Doctors try to guess what is the correct diagnosis or correct set of actions. Results turned into meaningful statistics and educational loop can be closed with multimedia or live meeting with a speaker.

F)Casequest: Real time case examination and moderator can ask spontaneous questions to deep dive into the controversial issues.

G) Case sharing platform : Case sharing social media platform

H) Advise App: Creating a referral/advise loops within specific therapeutic areas for doctors.(Available on September 2020)

I) Digital Assistant: Doctor communication platform with AI chatbot. (Available on February 2021)

Product Portfolio
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Casemice Case Simulations For Doctor Communication

Casemice Case Simulations For Doctor Communication



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