Create from inside

"True innovation comes when we are really aligned, in the flow."

___ What I do
Helping people to express their true-self, releasing their own fire by:

  • Connecting to the real purposes
  • Unlocking subconscious blockers
  • Releasing the reactive behavior patterns

___ Results for the individuals

  • Know yourself and spend more energy on your fulfillment
  • Become the entrepreneur of your life, not victim
  • Able to quickly go out of reactive mode / Composure / Balance with EFT

___ Results for the groups and employers

  • Less demotivated people; fewer people stuck in the wrong position
  • Motivates the employee by showing the importance of their wellbeing
  • Constructive momentum coming from individual’s hearts

___ Testimonial

  • “It was amazing - very easy to follow, very interactive, a lot of fun, very surprising - I loved it and would encourage everyone to try!”
  • “I liked the meditations, the music, the connection with other people, the thought-provoking questions and the energizing conversations in the room - and, of course, the fabulous coach!”
  • “I just learned a magic tool to reset my brain from my internal beliefs!”

*** Some of my famous statements

"Become the entrepreneur of your life. Business and Private are not separate: it’s all about the mindset."
"Don’t try to convince. Be your best: this inspires others!”
"Invest in your "Emotional intelligence": it creates 60% of more effectiveness."

Short presentation of Guillaume and his approach



E-mail: gui@lamusiqueducoeur.fr