QGel Drug Discovery products help pharma companies discover and develop medicines to fight disease with a focus on cancer.

Precision Medicine at QGel aims to improve patient outcome by finding the right therapy for the right patient, and QGel's ongoing clinical trials endeavour to do just that

About QGel

QGel is a biomedical technology company based in Switzerland specialized in organoid applications and solutions.

Our proprietary hydrogel technology, designed to mimic the microenvironment surrounding cells inside the human body, is capable of growing patient cells from biopsy outside of the body, while maintaining the key biomarkers from the patient’s originating tissue.

This novel innovation provides the ability to test many potential anti-cancer therapies on patient cancer avatars, ex vivo, to observe how each tumor clone responds to each therapy option, giving oncologists and drug developers insight to expected patient response.

2 minute pitch by CEO

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NGS & Organoids

Organoids for Drug Discovery Video

Organoids for Drug Discovery Video

Functional Precision Medicine Video

Functional Precision Medicine Video



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