• TESSAN offers high-tech, plug-and-play tele-consultation solutions integrated in physical cabins and kiosks, embedding software (tele-consultation platform) and hardware technologies (7 connected medical devices) to provide augmented tele-consultations to patients.

• In France, we are operating in a B2B2C model, where pharmacists, towns, retirement houses or malls pay us to get equipped with our solutions (upfront payment or lease option) and offer it to their patients. We provide the patients with an access to a dedicated but independent pool of doctors (GP and specialists) in less than 15 minutes, on a walk-in, on -demand model.

• After 12 months of running operations in France, TESSAN has already provided almost 70 pharmacies with its solutions, generating 1,8 million euros in revenues in 2019 and largely enhancing the access to healthcare for demographically-dynamic urban areas and remote rural areas.

Pharmacists testimonials - Le Blanc Mesnil (France)

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