How to Change the World

Winner of the EUvsVirus Hackathon: Link to their pitch description

How to Change the World

Virtualising our established in-person experiential Learning Journey for students and professionals with the aim of empowering sustainability-focused entre/intrapreneurship during this crisis.

How to Change the World

is an experiential education program that empowers people, organisations and communities to collaboratively tackle our world’s most important challenges...
and achieve lasting impact!

At How to Change the World we believe our societies already have most of the technical, economic and social know-how needed to tackle the daunting challenges humanity faces today. Yet it seems we rarely bring all that knowledge and talent together in one place to collaboratively develop the solutions our societies urgently need.

That’s why we design and deliver education programs that guide individuals, organisations and communities through collaborative learning journeys — journeys that enable everyone involved to distil complex challenges into implementable ideas for positive change. Our goal is to help you transform seemingly hopeless complexity into concrete solutions that make a difference!

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How to Change the World