Ravi Chana, Head of Business Development

Ravi Chana, Head of Business Development at Roche Diagnostics UK & Ireland

After completing a degree in Pharmacology, Ravi gained employment in non-health and health

related sectors, undertaking Sales, Marketing, Market Access, Business Development and Health

Economics roles. Prior to re-joining Roche Diagnostics Ravi undertook projects for the UK

Department of Health and also for the UK Department for International Trade. A major area of focus

within these roles was to assist HealthTech innovators (SMEs and Large organisations) gain access to

the most appropriate experts in UK Universities and the NHS. He has also been part of various

working groups within the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), National

Institute for Health Research (NIHR), the British In-Vitro Diagnostics Association (BIVDA) and

Association of British Healthtech Industries (ABHI).

Ravi’s role as Head of Business Development focuses on assessing innovative technologies and

companies, which could fit the Roche Diagnostics portfolio or be potential partners for the UK

affiliate to work with across patient care pathways. Areas of particular focus are Cardiac Disease,

Oncology, Women’s Health, Alzheimer’s and Infectious Diseases, with Digital Health as a cross

cutting theme of interest. The role also allows Ravi to work closely with the Roche Global Business

Development team to bring any potential technologies to the Roche global organisation to assess.

Ravi is currently Vice Chair of the ABHI Digital Health Group, where he works with likeminded

industry colleagues to assess the healthcare landscape for the evaluation and uptake of digital

health technologies into the healthcare system.

Outside of work Ravi is a keen Field Hockey Player and Coach, focusing on developing young talented

individuals who want to progress in their chosen sport and provide guidance where needed.