Alice Gugelev, Managing Director, Africa, GDI

Alice Guglev, Managing Director, Africa, Global Development Incubator (GDI)

Alice is the Director of GDI’s Social Enterprise Accelerator and author of the recently published "What's Your End-Game Article" for nonprofits to define not only the impact they seek, but the ultimate sector change each aims to create. The GDI Social Enterprise Accelerator is an innovative, portfolio based approach to grow the impact and reach of non-profits during a 2 year acceleration process. The Accelerator brings together a task force of world-class experts from fundraising and financial management to communications and strategy that work hand in hand with non-profit teams across regions and functions. Together, we implement programs, develop capabilities, re-prioritize efforts in real time and realize greater impact. Alice is also a serial entrepreneur in the non-profit and for-profit sectors having co-founded The Muskoka Foundation and the “Do Good As You Go” movement and Infinite Monkeys, a drag and drop platform that enables anyone to build their own mobile app without coding. Prior these ventures, Alice worked with The Bridgespan Group in San Francisco on high school education reform with the Gates Foundation, started Bain & Co’s Pro-Bono practice in Asia specializing in non-profit collaboration practices and government non-profit oversight, worked with the World Bank, Bain & Co in Singapore and Bangkok and started the MNC fixed income derivatives desk for BTM in SE Asia. Alice graduated from Stanford Japan Center, Columbia College and Harvard Business School.