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Every event needs an effective team working to produce a world class experience. That's why we have veterans with years of hands-on experience that will enable you to provide a virtual conference unlike any other you've experienced before.

Provide us with details about your product or ideal solution so that we can work to produce the ideal conference for you. Write a few lines about your requirement and contact us about any further collaboration. We will leverage our technology to enable your vision to become a reality.

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Edward Glanville
Conference Producer

Edward Glanville is a veteran in the conference community. He founded and ran the largest Biomedical IT Conference in Basel to date and has successfully produced countless conferences all over Europe and the US.

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Ines Tustain

With 5 Years’ experience working in the consulting industry, Ines has valuable experience working on projects for large corporations such as: Unilever, KPMG and Pandora.

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Arjun Pattne

Arjun Pattne has previously worked alongside Fortune 500 companies, with experience in consulting and product development, liaising with clients and developers for product refinement and overseeing factions of product testing.

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Rob Glanville
Technical Solutions

With 6+ years’ experience coding and managing technical team members, Rob has valuables experience in technology, design, and system architecture.

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